Don't Treat Your Recyclables Like Garbage

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  • * Cardboard - Corrugated and cereal box type cardboard as well as brown paper bags, as long as it does NOT have any wax on it.
  • * Paper - Newspaper, office paper, magazines
  • Paper - Shredded paper
  • * Plastic #1 - We take all plastic that is labeled as #1 PETE (Polyethylene terephthalate). You can tell if it is #1 by looking closely at the bottom of the container for the triangular recycling arrows with a #1 in the middle of the triangle. Most water and pop bottles are #1. The #1 plastics can be any color, including clear, as long as it is marked with a #1. Most caps are not #1 so please remove the caps when recycling.
  • * Plastic #2 - HDPE: Milk and water bottles use a natural-colored HDPE resin. Bottles used for detergents, shampoos, and other products often have colorants added to the resin. Valley Recycling will accept both.
  • * Aluminum Cans - Most soda cans and some cat food cans are made from aluminum.
  • * Aluminum Foil and pie dishes are also okay.
  • * Tin - Soup cans and other similar canned food containers.

* - Accepted in bins.


  • Nonferrous Metals - Metals that do not contain iron/are non-magnetic such as brass, copper, and scrap aluminum.
  • Glass - We do no recycle glass, to learn where you can recycling your glass, contact us.
  • Plastic Bags - No bags, no exceptions, you can recycle your plastic bags at your grocery store.
  • Plastics #3-7 - Not all plastics are created equal, we can only recycle #1 & #2 plastics.
  • Waxed Cardboard - Any waxed cardboard such as milk or juice cardboard containers.
  • Steel
  • Pallets

Valley Recycling will also weigh a truck on their scale for $5.00 per session.