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Valley Recycling has been working for over 25 years to help keep the Flathead Valley beautiful by diverting as much material as possible from going into the Flathead County Solid Waste Facility (County Landfill). In the last 14 years alone, we have diverted nearly 53,000 tons of recyclable materials.

With the help of Evergreen Disposal and the citizens of the Flathead Valley, we’ve reduced the amount of refuse going to the County Landfill an average of 7.5 million pounds of material EACH YEAR for the last 14 years! In 2017 and 2018, we’ve shipped out 7.9 million pounds and 7.8 million pounds respectively. We dropped to 6.5 million pounds for 2019, primarily due to some cardboard mill closures in the Pacific Northwest, which have since reopened.

From the staff at Valley Recycling and Evergreen Disposal, we thank you!

Our baler runs 5 days a week, 9 hours each day, compressing cardboard, paper, plastics and aluminum cans into compact shipping units

We are continuously researching new ways and items to recycle so that we can further decrease the volume of waste being deposited at the County Landfill. It’s inevitable that we will run out of space at the landfill at which point we would have two options:

  1. Use up more of Flathead County’s limited and pristine natural resources and money to create a new landfill (or expand the existing one), or
  2. Ship our garbage (at large costs) to another landfill outside the county.

Our Mission

Providing the Flathead Valley with the most recycing opportunities and the best service possible.


Scott Shreves – District Manager
Justin Bieker – Site Manager
Mike Smith – Lead Operator
Doug Clark – Operator
Jennifer Bernosky – Community Relations Manager

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