Don't Treat Your Recyclables Like Garbage


Empty contents

Rinse out residue &

Dry before recycling.

Items we accept for recycling:

Plastic: #1 and #2 ONLY

  1. Transparent with a twist on lid
  2. Like soda & water bottles, as well as jars for peanut butter & mayo.

  3. Translucent only - No color plastic
  4. If you can see how much milk, vinager, windshield washer fluid, etc., it's recyclable.

Cardboard: Corrugate Cardboard boxes ONLY

      Please NO paperboard like cereal or cracker boxes, or brown paper bags.

      Those should go into our available paper bin.


      Newspaper, magazines, junk mail, office paper, cracker/cereal boxes, brown paper bags, etc.


      Beverage cans only please

Items Not Accepted

  • Plastics #3 through #7
  • Food soiled containers
  • Nonferrous Metals - Metals that do not contain iron/are non-magnetic such as brass, copper, and scrap aluminum.
  • Glass - Please contact Flathead Recon at (460) 862-5522 for glass recycling.
  • Plastic Bags - Please recycle these at your grocery store.
  • Waxed Cardboard - Any waxed cardboard such as milk or juice cardboard containers, or freezer food boxes.
  • Steel
  • Pallets
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